Q-LOCK ELEMENTS PINS (Pneumatic Type, Double Action)

Main body: Stainless steel(SUS440C)

Heat treatment
Main body: Hardened(HRC55)


  • Double action (clamping by air)
  • Air blowing, checking seating
  • Suitable for light cutting on vertical machining centers.
  • Both clamp, and un-clamp are by pneumatic power.
  • By switching of electronic valve, automatic exchanges of jigs can be arranged.
  • System construction is easy by taking use of air piping in factory.




Clamp, and unclamp the exchanged jigs with small workpieces by valve operations.


Dimensions of mounting process


※Need to machine tapped, port holes to follow the directions of dia. By checking the relations between top position of dia. and tapped holes.。

※1.There are 2 air-blowing ports and take use of one.
※2.Lift-up port must within area.
※3.O-ring contacted surface must be without burrs(roughness 6.33 or under).





Drive systemClampingPneumatic
Clamping force (kN) at 0.5MPa11.52.4
Lift up force(kN) at 0.5MPa0.280.360.62
Clamping stroke(mm)44.55
Lift-up amount (mm)1
Cylinder volume(cm3)Clamping side2.63.656.2
Un-clamp side2.73.856.76
Max. working pressure(MPa)1
Min. working pressure(MPa)0.4
Proof pressure(MPa)1.5
Recommended air blowing pressure(MPa)0.5
FluidDry air
Ambient temperature (℃)0~65

Structural drawing

Locating pinQLA19DRP541042.50.23
Locating pinQLA26DRP6012530.3
Locating pinQLA32DRP721465.50.63
Dia. PinQLA19DDP541042.50.23
Dia. PinQLA26DDP6012530.3
Dia. PinQLA32DDP721465.50.63
Clamping pinQLA19DCP541042.50.23
Clamping pinQLA26DCP6012530.3
Clamping pinQLA32DCP721465.50.63


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Product Name : Q-LOCK ELEMENTS PINS (Pneumatic Type, Double Action)