Robot CR-4iA / CR-7iA / CR-14iA

The small collaborative robot applies various manufacturing processes such as small electrical parts transfer and assembly.

FANUC Robot CR-4iA, 7iA, 7iA/L, and 14iA/L are human arm sized mini-collaborative robots.
The small collaborative robot applies various manufacturing processes such as small electrical parts transfer and assembly.
  • 4 models with different load capacity and reach are available, depending on the application.
    • CR-4iA is a small collaborative robot with 4 kg payload
    • CR-7iA, CR-7iA/L are with 7kg payload.
    • CR-14iA are with 14kg payload.
  • It allows for a collaborative operation with human operators due to no need of safety fences
  • Enables to locate the robots close together in the manufacturing processes where operators also work, with using the compact size.
  • A floor space can be used effectively by up-side down. It supports ceiling and wall mount type, so that it allows to operate in a wider motion range without disturbing operators’ work space.
  • It is easy to relocate the robot by a cart with casters due to its light weight.
  • it realizes a flexible layout using with iRVision (integrated vision).
  • The green color, which is the feature of collaborative robot, makes difference from FANUC’s yellow robot and enables to recognize it as a safety robot at a glance.
  • The expansion of “Green robot” lineup, which enables to work with operators collaboratively, is sure to contribute to new automatization of manufacturing industries.




Collaborative Operation
  • This robot and a human operator can work separately in close proximity without safety fences.
  • This robot can work in cooperation with a human operator. (examples: parts assembling, workpiece transfer)
  • With Small Hand Guidance(option), intuitive operation and easy teaching are possible.


Safety Function
  • This robot immediately and safely stops when it touches a human operator.
  • A human operator can move the robot by pushing it.
  • This robot is certified to meet the requirements of international standard ISO 10218-1.


Intelligence and High Reliability
  • Latest intelligent functions such as iRVision (Integrated vision) and force sensor are available.
  • This robot is designed with high reliability, based on the proven LR Mate models.


Application Examples


Robot CR-4iA

FANUC Robot CR-4iA, CR-7iA, 14iA4iA7iA7iA/L14iA/L
Controlled axes6
Max. payload at wrist4kg7kg14kg
Motion range (X, Y)550mm, 818mm717mm, 1061mm911mm, 1359mm911mm (load capacity < 12kg), 1359mm
820mm (load capacity ≥ 12kg), 1359mm
InstallationFloor, Upside-down, Angle
Matching controller / Input power source capacityR-30iB Mate/R-30iB Mate Plus (standard, open air) / 1.2kVAR-30iB Mate Plus (standard) / 1.2kVA
ApplicationHandling, Assembling


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Product Name : Robot CR-4iA / CR-7iA / CR-14iA