IoT Data View

Data visualization dashboard to present the collected data easily without programming

IoT Data View is “Data Visualization Dashboard”, which cooperates with IoT Data Share and easily visualize the collected data without programming.
Using the supported web browser, dashboard screen can be created by simply linking collected data to the displayed parts like label, lamp or graph.




Login screen
Control referable information and executable functions according to the login level.







Edit screen
Create dashboard screen instinctively by drag and drop.
● Label: Output data as a text
● Image: Import image and show as background image or output image
● Lamp: Change the color according to the data
● Graph: Output data graph (selectable from bar, line or pie)




Home screen
Manage the created dashboard in a list.
Dashboard design can be easily shared by using download/upload function.






Published screen
Created dashboard can be displayed on the supported browser.
No additional software installation is required on client PC.


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Product Name : IoT Data View