Q-LOCK ELEMENTS/BUSHE (Raised, Side Screw Type)

Material CRMO(SCM440)

Heat treatment Main body : Hardened HRC55


■In case of multiple uses of Q-lock elements/pins (side screw type), helpful to avoid the interferences with pins.
■Easier arrangement of jigs due to less mounting processes.


5 axis machining by embedded Q-lock elements to workpieces.


Dimensions of mounting process

A +0.01/0BC
QLTS26206M 8×P1.25 depth 16
QLTS40256M12×P1.75 depth 24
TypeOuter DiameterInner DiameterOverall DiameterWeight (kg)
Locating bushQLTS26KRB5826420.7
Locating bushQLTS40KRB8840622.4
Clamping bushQLTS26KCB5826420.7
Clamping bushQLTS40KCB8840622.4


Product Name : Q-LOCK ELEMENTS/BUSHE (Raised, Side Screw Type)