Anti-Vibration Carbide End Mill – AE-VMS

Anti-vibration carbide end mill series ideal for stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel. This series’ unique flute form with high tool rigidity and excellent chip evacuation properties enables stable milling and the suppression of burrs. High-speed side milling is made possible by the large thick core design of the long flute AE-VML.

  1. “DUARISE coating” provides excellent lubricity, superior friction-resistance and high oxidation temperature
  2. Sharp positive rake angle reduces cutting force
  3. New flute form enables excellent chip evacuation
  4. Variable-lead geometry suppresses vibration


The web taper geometry, where the thickness of core changes from the cutting edge to the shank, greatly improves tool rigidity, thereby prevents the machining surface from tilting

AE-VML chipbreaker (-N) configuration: creates small and compact chips to enable undisruptive machining operation.

Mild Steel・Carbon Steel・Alloy Steel・Tool Steel・Prehardened Steel・Hardened Steel・Stainless Steel・Cast Iron・Copper Alloy・Aluminum Alloy・Titanium Alloy・Heat Resistant AlloyLineup
Stub (AE-VMSS)
  • Square Type ∅1~∅12
  • Long Neck Type ∅6×18~∅12×60
Short (AE-VMS)
  • Square Type ∅3~∅25
  • Radius Type ∅3×R0.2~∅12×R3
  • Square Type ∅6×19~∅12×48Square with chipbreaker φ6×19-N~φ12×48-N
Excellent surface finish


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Product Name : Anti-Vibration Carbide End Mill – AE-VMS