LASERTEC 3000 DED hybrid – Hybrid 5-axis machine Mill-Turn & DED

Hybrid machine of 5-axis Mill-Turn & DED for Additive Manufacturing, Turning & Milling in 1 chucking. 

LASERTEC 3000 DED hybrid combines turn-mill and AM technology to enable conventional metal cutting and DED applications on just one machine.

Hybrid machine for compact 5-axis directed energy deposition and 5-axis integrated mill-turn machining

The Additive Manufacturing (AM) unit mounted on the integrated mill turn center enables both (simultaneous 5-axis) directed energy deposition and simultaneous 5-axis machining for
processing of complex workpieces in one chucking. Furthermore, processes for repair and coating can be integrated efficiently as well. LASERTEC 3000 DED hybrid offers completely new applications for customers.

  • DED describes the process of applying metal powder through the powder nozzle in parallel to laser irradiation, in order to melt the metal powder and harden it again for deposition.
  • LASERTEC 3000 DED hybrid offers fast deposition on large-size workpieces up to φ400 mm×1,321 mm.
  • The powder feeder can switch between different types of metal powder, thus allowing the deposition of multiple powders in layers on one base material.
  • Furthermore, different types of metal powder can be already mixed before application, in order to create composite materials and realize a diverse range of depositions, repair and coating processes.

LASERTEC 3000 DED hybrid - Additive Manufacturing



+ Maximum turning length : 1,519 mm (59.8 in.)

+ Turning / milling spindle “compactMASTER” as short as 350 mm (13.8 in.)

+ AM Assistant (Option)

  • Your reliable assistant to support additive processes
  • Monitors melt pool size and temperature and controls laser output by feedbacking the monitored values for a stable build

<Melt Pool Monitoring>

  • Continuously monitors melt pool conditions

<Working distance monitoring>

  • Measures and monitors the distance between nozzle and melt pool

<Automatic Powder Calibration>

  • Automatically measures the powder flow rate
  • Different materials can be mixed by powder feeder with 2 hoppers (Option)

+ Compact AM Head

  • Maximum main laser output: 3 kW (4.0 HP)

+ 2 types of AM nozzles: Coaxial nozzle and MultiJet nozzle

  • Coaxial nozzle for high-efficiency vertical deposition
  • MultiJet nozzle for deposition during AM head rotation

+ Compact machine floor space: 6,876 mm (270.7 in.) × 4,510 mm (177.6 in.)

+ Laser safety window and laser guard sensors for safe operation


Supporting a wide range of markets with various applications including molding, repairing and coating

  • 3D printing of finished products and prototypes : Prototypes, low-volume production parts, low-yield-rate parts, single-molded parts, complex-shaped and light parts and deposition to existing components
  • Repair of turbines, tools and dies & molds : Repair of worn or broken parts
  • Corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant coating : Partial or whole coating (Corrosion and wear prevention)
  • Deposition of different types of metals : Deposition on different types of metal, Functionally graded material


Flexible 5-axis additive manufacturing and 5-axis machining

X- / Y- / Z-axis stroke of the AM head is 675 mm (26.5 in.), 300 mm (11.8 in.), and 1,381 mm (54.3 in.) respectively.

Metal deposition is not only possible on the left spindle (B-axis = 0°) but also on the right spindle (B-axis = 180°).

And by transfering a workpiece between both spindles, both end faces can be deposited, offering a large variety of metal depositions.


“AM Assistant” supports you during additive manufacturing (Option)

Achives stable metal deposition by adjusting the laser power to the temperature and the size
measured at the melt pool, and monitoring the distance between nozzle and workpiece,
as well as the powder flow rate.

  • Automatic powder calibration : Measurement of powder flow rate and specification of the target volume and the tolerated limit to be supplied
  • Monitoring of the deposited workpiece : Measurement of temperature of deposited workpiece and stop of deposition if temperature becomes out of range
  • Working distance monitoring : Monitors the distance between nozzle and workpiece, and stops when outside of the defined range
  • Melt pool monitoring : Monitors the melt pool continuously and detects adhesion of
    material to the nozzle
  • AM Analyzer V2 : Monitors the processing, analyzes and controls to secure safety


Optimal equipment for a safe working environment

LASERTEC 3000 DED hybrid machines are designed with the highest priority on operator usability.
This focus can be seen throughout the whole machine design.

  • AM head : Attached into the Turning / Milling spindle 2 types of AM nozzles (coaxial nozzle and
    multijet nozzle) are available.
  • Laser safety window : Protection against laser light leakage from the machine
  • Sensor for laser light detection : Detects leakage of laser light
  • Laser class : Class 1 is achieved by closing the machine door during machining. To maintain class 1 during machining, the safety sensors and door lock switch must detect that door, ATC shutter and
    maintenance covers are closed, and check the conveyor position.
  • Fume collector : Collects metal fume generated during deposition and effectively removes dust
    by mist collector.
  • Powder feeder with 2 hoppers : Mixed deposition of different types of metals is available
  • Powder switch and calibration : Located behind the machine, powder switching and calibration (Option)
  • Laser transmitter : Max. power 3 kW (4.0 HP)


Zero sludge coolant tank equipped as standard
Multiple coolant nozzles are arranged to stir coolant and efficiently collect fine casting sludge by a high-accuracy cyclone filter.

  • Dramatically reduces the need for cleaning the coolant tank
  • Prevents clogging of pipes / coolant nozzles and pump breakage
  • Expands coolant life